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Tucked away under a tiled roof in Bangalore's residential locale of Raj Mahal Villas extension is Maram. Maram means wood and the warmth of wood is what you will get when you visit our quaint antique shop.

Most of our furniture comes from south India. The design and style of the pieces are characteristics of their place of origin. We deal mainly in Teak and Rosewood. All our furniture is lovingly restored to their original glory.

We have recently branched into reproductions and we will be happy to customize a special piece for you. Bookshelves made from old doors and windows are our forte. We also carry a large range of beds, tables, mirrors, planter's chairs and a wide assortment of chests. We encourage you to visit our Furniture gallery to see some of our available pieces as well as some of the furniture we've created for past customers.

Contact Us to make an appointment to come and see our full range.