We, at Maram, hand polish to celebrate the natural imperfections of wood, a touch of glamour only real wood can give.


We use traditional designs incorporating old carved panels and a hint of natural cane to give it the real feel and look of days gone by. We finish all our seating with fabric of your choice from one of our many catalogs.


Made from teakwood, colonial and traditional designs. We use spindles, fretwork, tiles and old carved panels to give your bed the old world touch. They are made with all the modern conveniences of a high headboard, low footboard and solid wood repairs for the base. We are happy to customise the size and design.


Let teakwood grace your table! We build solid teakwood top dining tables. We can design and custom make tables and chairs to fit your space.


This is generally the most mundane furniture in any home. We, at Maram, put beauty back into functionality. Old panels, cane and ceramic knobs help show off your books and collectibles in an aesthetic way.


The character and charm of any home comes alive through with its accents – be it a desk, mirror, ottoman, console or a planter. Even a totally modern canvas can come alive with just a touch of MARAM.

Take home a piece of Maram